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We’re on a mission

We want everyone in Australia to experience the amazingness that is bamboo!

We have sourced a selection of the highest quality bamboo sheets and quilt covers made from luxuriously soft and sustainably produced bamboo textiles. To complement our bamboo sheets, we have also added towels, quilts, mattress toppers, pillows, baby bedding, home accessories and more.



As the founder of The Bamboo Shop, my search for truly soft sheets has been a long one. I don’t dare to think about how much money I’ve spent on premium, high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets – only to be disappointed. These expensive cotton sheets simply aren’t that soft! At least not until you have washed them hundreds of times. But by then they look worn – thinning and fraying at the edges.

Another concern is that cotton is one of the thirstiest crops on our planet and the cotton industry puts an enormous strain on our environment. Bamboo on the other hand needs no irrigation and grows naturally pesticide free (read more about bamboo).

Demand for environmentally sustainable textiles is a growing trend and the development and innovation in the field of bamboo textile has really taken off during the last decade. Today, more and more people are discovering bamboo sheets due to the environmental qualities of the material as well as the silky sheen and ultra-soft texture.

At The Bamboo Shop, we love that bamboo gives us the opportunity to combine deluxe quality with true eco-friendliness!

Our Store

The Bamboo Shop is an online store and our team is located in Sydney, Australia. We are passionate about providing you with premium, sustainable products, competitive prices and great service.

We hope you will love our collection of bamboo products as much as we do!

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Founder, The Bamboo Shop

The Bamboo Shop Pty Ltd

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