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For a better night’s sleep, opt for organic bamboo sheets. Made from sustainably produced bamboo – and heavenly soft and cool.

How to buy bed sheets

You’re Shopping for Bed Sheets All Wrong! How to Buy Bed Sheets – Debunking 4 Thread-Count Myths It’s a story we hear again and again – the search for softer bed sheets sending consumers down a path of buying ever more expensive bed sheets thinking the higher the thread-count, the softer the sheets. Well, it […]

Stay Warm with Bamboo

Feeling the cold? Make sure you have the right bedding this winter! Why you’ll stay warmer with bamboo Bamboo quilts and blankets will keep you warm and toasty without over-heating. This is thanks to the excellent breathability and thermo-regulating properties of bamboo. All our quilts and blankets are 100% all-natural, hypo-allergenic and made without any synthetic materials or chemicals. For your peace […]

3 Tips for Sleeping Cooler This Summer

Sleep better with bamboo

It’a all About Picking the Right Fabrics Keep cool and comfy this summer by sleeping with the right fabrics. Bamboo isn’t just softer and greener than cotton – it’s also cooler! Naturally breathable, thermo-regulating and highly absorbent for a better night’s sleep. Step 1 – Deliciously soft and cool bamboo sheets Because bamboo sheets are […]