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Bamboo Pillowcases

Selecting your pillowcase is the smallest and biggest decision when it comes to bedding – small in size, huge in importance! That’s why our pillowslips are made from sateen weave 100% organic bamboo for unparalleled softness.



A bamboo pillowcase will work a treat for your skin & hair. No more bedhead!

Switch to an ultra-soft bamboo pillowcase from The Bamboo Shop for better hair, skin – and a better night’s sleep!

Our pillowcase set consists of 2 pillowcases made from 100% organic bamboo in a luxe sateen weave. Soft as silk – but without being slippery. Bamboo is also the perfect material for your pillowcase as it’s highly breathable and thermoregulating - keeping you cool and comfy all year around. No more waking up with sticky hair and a damp pillow!

Our bamboo sheet sets and bamboo quilt cover sets already include a pair of pillowcases (1 pillowcase for Single and King Single sets), so you don’t need to order a separate Pillowcase Set unless you want an extra pair.  

Browse our full range of bamboo sheets and bamboo pillowcases and make the switch to luxurious bamboo bedding today!  

Why should you switch to a bamboo pillowcase?

bamboo pillowcase isn’t just soft and comfortable - it also has a range of benefits making it a great choice for kids and adults alike. 

Benefits of bamboo include:

  • Ultra-soft - Our bamboo pillowcases are softer than the highest thread-count Egyptian cotton and gentle on your skin. Perfect for people with sensitive skin, eczema, or allergies. Thanks to the super smooth texture of bamboo, your hair will glide over it without any friction meaning you’ll not wake up with frizzy hair, tangles, or bedhead.
  • Cooling - Bamboo offers excellent thermo-regulation, breathability and moisture absorbency benefits. No more waking up with night sweats and a damp pillow.
  • Beautiful – Our bamboo pillowcases have a beautiful drape and stunning lustre unique to bamboo.
  • Eco-friendly - Bamboo is a highly sustainable and biodegradable material. It grows naturally without the need for irrigation or pesticides. Cotton on the other hand is one of the thirstiest crops on the planet! So, switch to a bamboo pillowcase for a better night’s sleep and peace of mind.

Cotton, silk or bamboo pillowcase – which one is best?

In recent years, the silk pillowcase has become a popular alternative to cotton as it’s softer and therefore gentler on your skin and hair.

When it comes to cotton there is a huge range in price and quality but even the most expensive cotton pillowcase will not be as soft as silk or bamboo. However, silk isn’t as breathable as cotton or bamboo so it may not be a great option for hot sleepers and during the warmer months. High thread count cotton is also best avoided if you want to keep cool as it tends to be very dense and not breathable. 

Silk – super soft and slippery, moderate breathability

Cotton – softness varies widely depending on quality, moderate to good breathability

Bamboo – ultra-soft, very high breathability

FAQs about bamboo pillowcases

What material are the bamboo pillowcases made from?

Our bamboo pillowcases are made of 100% organic bamboo in a luxe sateen weave.

What is the thread count?

Our bamboo pillowcases have a 400 thread count (equivalent to over 1,000 cotton thread count). However, it’s the quality of the thread and weave that determines the quality of a fabric and how soft it is. In addition, a high thread count will produce a thicker textile - so anything above 600 thread count will not be silky soft but compact and dense.

How much does shipping cost? 

Shipping is free Australia-wide on all orders over $100. For orders under $100, we charge a flat rate of $9.90 per order Australia-wide.

When will my order arrive?

Delivery time is about 1-3 business days to most metro areas. Please allow an additional 2-7 business days for deliveries to WA, NT and some regional areas.

Above delivery times are estimates only and while every effort is made to ship your order as soon as possible, delivery times cannot be guaranteed.

What is your returns policy?

We offer a full refund for products returned to us within 30 days. Any returned item must be in its original condition; unused, unwashed, still in the original packaging, and with original tags still attached.

What other bamboo products do you stock?

The Bamboo Shop is mostly known for our premium quality 100% organic bamboo sheet sets which we stock in a range of colours and sizes. We also specialise in bamboo quilt covers (doona covers or duvet covers) in the same beautiful quality, 100% organic bamboo. All our bamboo sheet sets, quilt covers and pillowcases are made in a luxurious sateen weave (softer than twill weave).

To complement your bamboo sheets, we also stock a luxurious range of quilts, mattress toppers and pillows made from a blend of bamboo and alpaca. The two materials are selected for their superior thermoregulation qualities.

At The Bamboo Shop you can also stock up on our bestselling Bamboo Hair Turban. Softer and more absorbent than a regular towel - it will speed up your morning routine while doing wonders for your hair!

Order today for fast, Australia-wide delivery of your new bamboo pillowcase!