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Bamboo Quilts

For a better night’s sleep, our luxurious bamboo alpaca quilts (doonas & duvets) offer superior thermo-regulation & breathability – keeping you warm & comfy all year round without overheating.


Sleep better with our luxurious range of bamboo alpaca quilts.

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do to ensure a great day! At The Bamboo Shop, we know how important it is to get your bedding right – starting with making sure all your bedding is made from 100% natural materials. Ditch synthetics, polyester, memory foam and micro-fibre – opt instead for all-natural bedding made from bamboo, wool, cotton and linen. For ultimate breathability and thermo-regulation – bamboo and wool are the best!

Whether you’re a heavy sleeper or a night owl, a hot sleeper or someone who feels the cold – our all-natural alpaca bamboo quilt will improve your sleep and leave you feeling refreshed, rested and ready to take on the new day! 

Bamboo quilt, bamboo doona, bamboo duvet or bamboo comforter – what’s the difference?

They’re all the same – just different names for a quilted insert that sits within a quilt cover to form the top layer of your bedding. In Australia, the words quilt and doona are more commonly used, the word duvet has French roots and comforter is more often used in North America.

It’s what you fill it with that makes the difference!

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Why should you switch to a bamboo and alpaca quilt?

Our bamboo doonas are made with a mix of bamboo fibre and alpaca wool as it's the perfect combination for softness, thermo-regulation and sustainability - giving you the best sleep all year round.

Bamboo fibre and alpaca fleece both have superior warmth rating as well as outstanding ‘warmth to weight ratio’, meaning they’re significantly warmer than quilts of similar weight filled with other natural fibres. In addition, both materials boast exceptional thermal efficiency so you’ll stay warm and cozy without the risk of overheating.

Benefits of our luxe bamboo and alpaca quilts include:

  • They’re thermo-regulating. The combination of bamboo and alpaca offers excellent thermo-regulation as both materials boast superior breathability and moisture absorbency benefits. No more waking up with night sweats and damp bedding.
  • They’re hypoallergenic. Our alpaca bamboo quilts Naturally hypoallergenic (lanolin free) and antibacterial making them perfect for allergy sufferers
  • They’re eco-friendly. Bamboo and alpaca fleece are eco-friendly, chemical-free and biodegradable materials, for a better night’s sleep and peace of mind.

Find the perfect fit for your bed with a bamboo quilt from our range. Order online today.  

FAQs about bamboo alpaca quilts

What is the bamboo alpaca quilt made from?

  • Fill composition - 100% natural fill (60% bamboo, 40% alpaca) and luxe 3-piece binding
  • Cover – 60% bamboo and 40% cotton in a luxe sateen weave
  • Sizes – available in Single, Double, Queen, King and Super King
  • Weights – available in 200 gsm (grams per square metre) up to 600 gsm

Where is the bamboo alpaca quilt made?

Our luxuries alpaca and bamboo quilts are made in Australia

What is alpaca fleece - and why is it good?

Sheep’s fleece is by far the most used material in all-natural, non-down quilts and blankets in Australia. Alpaca fleece on the other hand is a rare, exotic natural fibre which has traditionally been used in fashion, apparel, and woven blankets. It’s use in quilts (duvets or doonas) is a relatively new innovation in luxury bedding.

Why alpaca is used to create the softest and warmest quilts on the market. Alpaca is:

  • Soft - the alpaca fibre has a smooth fibre structure similar to cashmere, producing a soft luxurious feel.
  • Lightweight - alpaca fleece is a semi hollow fibre so air is trapped to warm you
  • Warm yet light – alpaca fleece is approximately 25% warmer than sheep’s wool on weight for weight basis.
  • Thermo-regulation – this is very important in bedding, ie. to keep you dry and cool in summer and warm and cozy in winter.  


When will my order arrive?

Shipping is free and your Bamboo Alpaca Quilt will ship within 1-3 working days via Direct Freight Express. Please note that a physical address is needed, no PO Boxes or Parcel Lockers for this product range. (All other products can be shipped to any address type).

Estimated delivery time of 1-3 business days to most metro areas. For WA, NT and some regional areas, please allow an additional 2-7 business days for delivery.

What is your returns policy?

Under the Health Act and for hygiene reasons we cannot accept pillows, pillow protectors, quilts/duvets, mattress toppers & protectors once purchased, unless faulty and for warranty claims.

All other products can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a refund if you are not 100% happy with your purchase (or you changed your mind). Any returned item must be unused, unwashed, and still in its original packaging with tags still attached returned to us within 30 days. See our full Returns Policy

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